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Y Maes (Caernarfon)

Y Maes is the market place in the historic North Wales town of Caernarfon, overlooked by the mighty Caernarfon Castle.

It is situated immediately outside the Town Walls, so that although it is now the centre of Caernarfon it was formerly a field outside the town.

There was formerly a hill at one end of the site, but this was levelled in 1815 to create work for men returning from the Napoleonic War.

Bull baiting and cock fighting were once popular attractions in Y Maes.

In the middle of Y Maes is a statue of the educationalist Sir Hugh Owen, who was largely responsible for the foundation of the University of Wales.

Nearby is the Lloyd George Statue. David Lloyd George, the former Prime Minister, was Member of Parliament for Caernarfon.

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