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Caernarfon Castle (Caernarfon)

Caernarfon Castle is one of the most famous, and most recognised, castles in the world, and is situated in Caernarfon in North Wales.

The first castle was built here in 1090 by Earl Hugh d'Avranches

The castle that we know today is one of the mighty fortresses built for Edward I by Master James of St. George. Others include Beaumaris Castle, Conwy Castle and Harlech Castle. It was built between 1283 and 1292, after the death of the Welsh prince Llewelyn ap Gruffydd.

Edward was concerned to stamp his authority on all Britain and as much of Western Europe as possible. His reign is notable for many campaigns, mostly successful, against the Scots as well as the Welsh.

The castle walls were designed deliberately to resemble those of the city of Constantinople, and to equate Edward with Constantine the Great.

Edward promised the Welsh a Welsh-born prince , and accordingly in 1301 presented his own son Edward (later to be Edward II), who had been born at Caernarfon.

A revolt in 1294 by Madoc ap Llewelyn caused great damage to the town and destroyed the Town Walls. After this, in addition to the repair of the Town Walls, the townside castle walls were strengthened and heightened.

In 1660 Caernarfon Castle was ordered to be demolished, but the work was never started.

In the twentieth century there were two Prince of Wales investitures at the castle. David, later Edward VIII and still later Duke of Windsor, was invested in 1911 and Prince Charles in 1969.

The Royal Welsh Fusiliers Museum is situated within the castle.

Caernarfon Castle is now in the care of Cadw, and is a World Heritage Site.

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