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Caernarfon is a busy town in North Wales, on the Menai Strait and on the edge of Snowdonia. It is 8 miles from Bangor.

The mighty Caernarfon Castle was one of the fortresses constructed by Edward I to consolidate his conquests in Wales. It is now under the protection of Cadw and is a World Heritage Site.

The town was built in the shadow of the castle, and is still surrounded by its Town Walls.

The modern town and shops, however, are outside the walls, beyond the spacious market place known as Y Maes.

A short walk out of the town centre are the extensive ruins of the Roman fort of Segontium, founded in 78 AD.

Caernarfon has the highest percentage of Welsh speakers of any town.

King Edward II was born at Caernarfon, as was William Morgan, the Anglican Bishop who translated the Bible into Welsh.

David Lloyd George was Member of Parliament for the town for 55 years.

It was at Caernarfon that a meeting was held, which led to the establishment of the Welsh colony in Argentina.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Caernarfon for groups.

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Caernarfon Castle, Caernarfon Station, Maritime Museum, Segontium, St. Mary`s Church, Town Walls, Y Maes

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