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St. Marys Church (Anstey)

St. Marys, the parish church of Anstey, is in the centre of the village, in Bradgate Road, the road that leads to Newtown Linford and Bradgate Park.

The church dates back to the 13th century, but like many others was restored in the Victorian era.

It has a Norman door surround, as well as a cross shaft in the churchyard, easily missed underneath a tree, which was erected in the Anglo-Saxon period. This would have been used for open-air preaching, predating the church.

St. Marys would have been known to Lady Jane Grey, the 16th century nine-day Queen of England, who was born at Bradgate House.

Other local people who would have known the church include Hugh Latimer, one of the celebrated martyrs burned at the stake at /locale/oxford/], who was born at the neighbouring village of Thurcaston, and Ned Ludd, the local man from whom the Luddites took their name.

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