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Anstey (A Guided Walk in Anstey)

"Anstey" is one of the Guided Walks devised and led by Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby, of Colin Crosby Heritage Tours.

These walks are enjoyable way of learning some Local History.

The village is on the outskirts of Leicester, and is regarded by many as the gateway to the picturesque, and in places rugged, Charnwood Forest.

The walk starts outside St. Mary's Church in the centre of the village, on the road leading out to Newtown Linford.

On the way, the route leads across two packhorse bridges. One of these, near the main road from Leicester, is well-known, while the other, known as King William's Bridge, is familiar only to walkers.

Anstey was the birthplace of Ned Ludd, after whom the Luddites were named. However, Ned was not in any way a political activist. He was a simple-minded worker in the hosiery industry. When he got into trouble and was sacked, he decided to get his own back by smashing machinery. The Luddites simply took his name.

Tradition says that Lady Jane Grey was involved in the slaying of the last wolf in England in the vicinity of Anstey. Jane was the 16-year-old girl born at nearby Bradgate House whose parents and parents-in-law attempted to use her to gain enormous power. She was Queen of England for nine days in 1553, before being replaced by the rightful Queen, Mary.

A school in the village centre is named after Hugh Latimer, a famous 16th century martyr, who was born a mile or so away at Thurcaston.

This walk will reveal an Anglo-Saxon cross in the churchyard, and a mysterious standing stone in a field beside the road from Leicester.

Anstey is served by buses from Leicester City Centre and Beaumont Leys.

Dates, costs and where to meet

A place on 'Anstey' costs £4.00 per person, or £3.00 if paying in advance. The guided walk begins at St. Marys Church, and is running on:

I'm sorry, but there are no plans to run this event at present.

If you would like to book a place on one of these dates, please telephone Colin on (0116) 2611576 or email him at

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