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Thame is an ancient market town in Oxfordshire beside the River Thame, and 9 miles from Aylesbury. Its charter was granted by Wulfhere, King of Mercia.

The pronunciation is "Tame".

The Church of the Blessed Virgin dates back to the 13th century, and has monuments from several centuries, including one to Lord Williams.

The Grammar School was founded in 1575, and numbers John Hampden and John Milton among its former scholars.

The fine Prebendal House has an Early English chapel.

There are some beautiful old houses in the town centre, with its exceptionally broad High Street, including the Spread Eagle and Bird Cage public houses.

The Spread Eagle was run by the eccentric John Fothergill, who later moved to the Three Swans at Market Harborough.

James Figg, the first recognised bareknuckle champion of England, was born at Thame.

Places in Thame

St. Mary`s Church