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St. Johns

St. Johns is an area to the South of Leicester, with a surprising amount of history.

It covers an area where Narborough and Whetstone join Enderby, a little to the South of the giant Fosse Park shopping centre.

The ancient Fosse Way runs through the area, on its way from Lincoln through the Cotswolds to Exeter.

There is a mediaeval packhorse bridge, known as Enderby Bridge, which is a little odd. Not only has the road which it carried moved its course, so has the river which it crossed.

The confluence of the River Soar and the River Sence occurs in the St. Johns area.

There is also the site of the deserted mediaeval village of Aldeby beside the Soar, and just a few stones mark the site of St. John's Church.

And an old tradition in the area began in the 14th century with John of Gaunt.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around St. Johns for groups.

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St. Johns

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