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Netley is a village in Hampshire, beside Southampton Water and 2 miles from Hamble.

Netley Abbey, built by the Cistercians from Beaulieu in the 13th century, is now a picturesque wooded ruin, including the shell of the abbey church and the Abbot`s House.

Royal Victoria Country Park is on the site of Netley Hospital, which was built for the army, to look after soldiers wounded in the Crimean War, in 1856. The hospital was a quarter of a mile long, but the only part that survives now is the domed chapel, which contains a museum.

St. Edward the Confessor`s Church is 19th century, and has a knight`s tomb brought from the abbey.

Netley Castle was converted in the 19th century from a Tudor fort, in turn converted from the abbey gatehouse, and contains a convalescent home.

Places in Netley

Netley Abbey, Netley Station, Royal Victoria Country Park

Places in Netley...