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Beaulieu is a village on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, 6 miles from Lymington.

It is one of those places which confuse visitors. Although the name is a French expression meaning, with some justification, "beautiful place", the pronunciation is not as expected. It is called "Bewley".

The village is beautifully situated on the tidal estuary of the Beaulieu River.

Beaulieu Abbey was a Cistercian foundation begun in 1204 by King John, and there are still ruins of this. In the troubled times of the 15th century, it provided sanctuary for Margaret of Anjou and Perkin Warbeck.

The parish church was converted from the refectory.

Palace House, which was the Abbey Gatehouse, has been the home of Lord Montagu's family since the 16th century, and retains mediaeval vaulting.

The outer walls and towers were added in the 18th century as defences against French attack.

Beaulieu is perhaps best known today for the National Motor Museum, founded in 1952, with more than 200 cars, motorcycles and bicycles and displays on the history of motoring.

There is a monorail around the grounds.

Places in Beaulieu

National Motor Museum, Palace House, The Blessed Virgin and Holy Child

Places in Beaulieu...