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Lowestoft is a coastal town on the North Sea in Suffolk, 38 miles from Ipswich.

It is the Easternmost point of the British Isles.

Lowestoft earned its original prosperity from the fishing industry, but today it is a considerable seaside resort. Today, fishing still keeps the local Birds Eye factory busy.

The Old and New Towns are separated by the swing bridge across the estuary of the Lothing in the harbour area. Joseph Conrad worked here when he arrived in England in 1878.

A series of steep alleys run down from the High Street in the Old Town to the shore. These are known as Scores.

St. Margaret's Church is mostly of the 15th century, but has a 14th century tower and spire.

The North Light is the site of England's first recorded lighthouse.

Among those born in Lowestoft are the composer Benjamin Britten and Elizabethan playwright Thomas Nashe.

The rock group the Darkness came from Lowestoft.

The Battle of Lowestoft was a sea battle fought in 1665, when the English navy, commanded by the Duke of York, later James II, defeated the Dutch.

Places in Lowestoft

Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, Claremont Pier, East Point Pavilion, Lowestoft and East Suffolk Maritime Museum, Lowestoft Station, Royal Naval Patrol Service Association Museum, Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club, South Pier

Places in Lowestoft...