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Knaresborough is a picturesque old market town in Yorkshire, 3 miles to the North East of Harrogate.

It is perched precariously above a gorge of the River Nidd. The view of the town from the railway is unforgettable.

Knaresborough Castle dates from the 12th century, and was once the home of John of Gaunt. Its ruins stand on the edge of the cliff. Richard II was imprisoned here, and it was home for three years to the knights who had murdered Thomas a Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

Mother Shipton's Cave is said to be the birthplace of the prophetess Mother Shipton, born at the height of a storm.

There is also an unusual Petrifying Well, and St. Robert's Chapel is hewn out of the solid rock.

Knaresborough has a large Market Place, in which is the oldest chemist's shop in England.

St. John the Baptist Church has impressive monuments.

Blind Jack of Knaresborough lost his sight at the age of six, but went on to fight at Culloden, operate a stagecoach between Knaresborough and York, and build roads.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Knaresborough for groups.

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House in the Rock, Knaresborough Castle, Knaresborough Station, St. John the Baptist Church

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