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St. John the Baptist Church (Knaresborough)

St. John the Baptist is the parish church of the picturesque old Yorkshire market town of Knaresborough.

The church can be found at the bottom of Kirkgate, which leads down from the Market Place and Knaresborough Castle, just past the railway line.

It has a tower and a little spirelet.

Much of the fabric dates back to the 13th century, but some Norman stonework remains.

The Slingsby chapel contains the tombs and memorials of many of the local Slingsby family. On the floor is the gravestone of Sir Henry Slingsby, beheaded on Tower Hill in London in 1658. The gravestone is said to be the altar stone from the Chapel of the Holy Cross at St. Robert's Cave, or even the gravestone of St. Robert.

There is a figure of Sir William Slingsby, who died in in 1634, having discovered the mineral spring that made the fortune of neighbouring Harrogate.

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