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Hucknall, or to give it is full name Hucknall Torkard, is an industrial and market town in Nottinghamshire, 6 miles from Nottingham.

Its industries have included coal mining, textiles, furniture making and aero engine testing.

The Market Place occupies a place in the centre of the town.

St. Mary Magdalen`s Church, beside the Market Place, dates from the 12th century. It is the last resting place of Lord Byron and also his daughter, the mathematician Ada Lovelace. There are no fewer than 25 windows by Kempe.

The Nottingham tram system comes out as far as Hucknall.

The composer Eric Coates was born at Hucknall.

Places in Hucknall

Hucknall Station, St. Mary Magdalene and St. John the Evangelist

Places in Hucknall...