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You Can't Beat a Brazen Hussy

While I was walking along The Broadway at Leigh recently, I noticed again a shop which over the years has always made me chuckle very time I see it.

It’s a shop selling ladies’ undergarments of a flamboyant and ostentatious nature, and it goes by the singularly appropriate name of “Brazen Hussy”.

It set me thinking about other good names for shops that I have noticed.

In Loughborough, there’s a ladies’ underwear shop named “Brief Encounter”, and there’s also a shop at Oakham with the same name. There must be something eccentric about selling this sort of stuff, because at Uppingham a similar emporium is called “Dessous”.

The most outlandish shop name I have ever come across is also in Loughborough. It’s a record shop, and it’s named “The Left Legged Pineapple”.

But the prize for a creative name that clearly has a relevance to its merchandise comes from the Isle of Thanet in Kent.

While I was managing two cinemas at Ramsgate, I published a monthly “What’s On” programme. This was supported by local advertising.

One of the advertisers was a shop which sold hosiery – socks, stockings, tights etc. It was called “The Happy Centipede”.

If you know of any good examples of this sort of thing, I’ll be really pleased to hear about them!