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Working in Leicester

[An image showing Working in Leicester]I came to work in Leicester, where I now live, in 1991.

It wasn't entirely a city to which I was a stranger, as I had worked and lived in Loughborough during the 1970s when I was Manager of the Town Hall, and in the 1980s had spent some time working and living in Rugby.

Both places are near enough for a good number of visits, but of course I didn't know Leicester then as intimately as I know it now.

Having spent many years managing cinemas and theatres, but having been made redundant by Cannon Cinemas from the Empire at Havant, I looked for something to suit my talents.

After a number of applications and interviews, I was offered an appointment with Hounslow Borough Council in London, to manage a multi-purpose centre at Feltham. This had been run down, and the idea was that I should resuscitate its fortunes.

So I accepted the invitation, but the formalities took a while, and in the meantime I was offered a job in a marketing capacity by Leicester City Council.

The salary was lower in Leicester, to the tune of some thousands of pounds, but I worked out that I would be better off than in London, where the price of everything is enormous.

Unfortunately, I found it impossible to see eye to eye with my immediate boss, and I left after a very unhappy few months.

But I'm still in Leicester, where I have been reinvented as a Blue Badge Guide.

I hope you have been on my Guided Walks, or Coach Trips, or attended at least one of my talks!

If anybody reading this has any connection with Leicester (Born? Lived? Worked? Ancestors? Relatives?), I will be very pleased to hear from them.