Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Weekend in Gainsborough

My wife and I had an overnight stay in Gainsborough recently. We don`t have time together very often, so it made a nice change.

We travelled there on a Friday evening, and spent the night at Eastbourne House, an excellent bed and breakfast establishment which I thoroughly recommend.

We went for a stroll in the evening, into the town centre and Market Place, and ate at a Wetherspoon pub.

In the morning, we walked out to the suburb of Morton, to have a look at the church, and also paid a visit to All Saints Church and to the outstanding Gainsborough Old Hall.

We then went to Stow-in-Lindsey, and visited the amazing church, then on to Haxey and further on to Epworth, with its Wesley connections.

We got home on Saturday evening.

And yes, I enjoyed it!