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Umpire Evans Speaks to Cricket Society

I went to another meeting of the Leicestershire Cricket Society recently. I am glad to belong to this fine society as it gives a chance to keep in touch with cricket during those awful months when there is no actual play to go and watch.

The Society meets at Grace Road, the county`s ground at Leicester.

The speaker this time was Jeff Evans, who for the past few years has been a first class umpire.

Jeff Evans is unusual in two ways. Firstly, he is Welsh, not a nationality usually associated with cricket umpiring, and secondly, he did not play cricket at first class level.

Jeff was born at Llanelli in 1954, and rose through Welsh and Minor Counties cricket to be appointed to the first class list in 2001.

He has become a much respected umpire, and on this showing has a bright future too as a speaker with interesting views and a cheeky sense of humour.

Much enjoyed, Jeff, thanks very much.