Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Tour of the New Forest

I went on another of Woods Coaches trips recently, this time around the New Forest.

Although I run my own programme of excursions (the next ones are "Colchester" and "Free Mystery Tour"), I still find it pleasant to be a passenger on other people's trips occasionally.

Having left St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester, we made our Southwards until we arrived at Chieveley Services, where I was able to stoke up with a good breakfast.

Then it was on into the New Forest, stopping for a while at Lyndhurst, where I had a coffee, visited St. Michaels Church and found the grave of Alice Hargreaves, the original Alice.

On then, along often quite narrow roads, to Burley, the "witchcraft" village. I visited St. John the Baptist Church and had a nice cream tea - I am rather partial to such things.

We stopped on the way back to Leicester, at Northampton Services, which used to be known as Rothersthorpe.

And of course I enjoyed it very much. If you haven't been on a Coach Trip, you should definitely try it.