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Thurmaston Ladies Hear About Street Names

[An image showing Thurmaston Ladies Hear About Street Names]I was invited to give a talk near Leicester recently on "The Street Names of Leicester".

The talk was for the ladies of Thurmaston Women`s Institute, and took place in the Thurmaston Community Centre.

Leicester, one of the oldest towns in the country, has more than its fair share of eccentric street names, and I was able to give explanations of some of the more unusual.

These include names referring to the old gateways in the Town Walls, and others which appear to refer to the same thing, but actually hark back to the Danish occupation over a thousand years ago.

The fact is that all streets, like all towns, are named for a reason, and this makes for a very interesting subject.

If you would like me to give this talk to your own group, feel free to get in touch.