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The Next Guided Walks in London

In addition to the many Guided Walks which I devise and lead in Leicestershire and Rutland, and others in Essex, I have a day twice a year when I lead two walks in London.

These London walks, in what is after all one of the most famous and historic cities in the world, always go down very well.

My next Guided Walks day in London is on Saturday 24th March, and as usual there will be two different walks on that day.

The first is "Churches of London". This is a walk around the City, viewing an enormous number of churches, as well as the sites of many more long demolished.

The starting point is Fenchurch Street Station, outside the main entrance, at 1pm.

Then later on, it's "Jack the Ripper". People are always grimly fascinated by this serial murderer who terrorised London in 1888, and whose identity remains a mystery. The murder sites are visited, as well as other relevant places such as where the victims were last seen alive, and there is a discussion as to who the Ripper might have been.

This walk starts outside Whitechapel Station at 5pm.

In each case, the price is 5.50 per person, but only 3.50 when paid for in advance.

Places can be booked as early as you like.