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Secrets of Leicestershire Were Revealed

Unusual aspects of the picturesque counties of Leicestershire and Rutland were revealed on a morning Coach Trip recently.

Secret Leicestershire Tour” was designed to show the sort of things that are not normally even mentioned on trips, let alone shown.

I was aiming to talk about the sites of deserted villages, castles, holy wells and that sort of thing, and nobody who came on the trip was disappointed.

We drove right past the spectacular deserted villages of Hamilton and Ingarsby, among the best preserved in the country, as well as the holy well at Ashwell and the castle at Oakham.

We came close to some places that are hidden in the folds of the land, such as the adulterine castle mound near Ingarsby known as Monk’s Grave, Launde Abbey and Sauvey Castle.

The highlight for many was the stop at Wing, where people were able to have a close look at the chalk maze, one of England’s two really famous ones (the other is at Saffron Walden).

I always make a stop about halfway round at a nice place where coffee, tea, cakes etc can be purchased – this time it was at Barnsdale Gardens, created by the late Geoff Hamilton.

If you wish you had been on this trip and it’s whetted your appetite, the next trip you can book on is to Liverpool with a Guided Walk) on Saturday 26th November, and the next morning trip is the Old Mercia Tour (around the Staffordshire and Derbyshire borders) on Wednesday 8th March.