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Roger Knight Visits Cricket Society

There was another meeting of the Leicestershire Cricket Society at Grace Road in Leicester recently.

I try to get to these meetings as much as I can, and rarely miss one, as it is great to be able to keep in touch with cricket matters even during the long close season.

At this meeting, the speaker was Roger Knight.

Roger was a fine all rounder who played for Surrey, Sussex and Gloucestershire during his career. He was also an academic, and his teaching career reached its pinnacle as Headmaster of Dulwich School.

Not content with all this, he has also been an important administrator within the game of cricket.

He proved to be a fine speaker, not only regaling us with anecdotes from his time as a player, but also giving interesting insights into the running of the game.

It fell to me to give the vote of thanks. I told Roger that I had always been impressed by people who could do more than one thing well, and specifically in cricketing terms to be a good batsman as well as a good bowler. Roger Knight certainly filled the bill on that score.

I also noted with approval that he shares my view that it is quite possible to play hard, trying to win, but without compromising an adherence to both the rules and the spirit of the game. The Thierry Henry incident had happened the night before, and that filled me, like everybody else, with disgust.

It was a very good night, and Roger will no doubt be welcome at any future meeting.