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Passed Away in 2005

At the beginning of 2006, it might be nice to look back to the people to whom we had to say goodbye last year.

These were some of the people who died in 2005.

Dave Allen, comedian 68; Long John Baldry, singer 64; Anne Bancroft, actress 73; Ronnie Barker, comedian 78; Barbara Bel Geddes, actress 82; Mary Hayley Bell, writer 91; Saul Bellow, writer 89; George Best, Northern Ireland footballer 59; Norman Bird, actor 80; Alan Bloom, gardener 98; James Booth, actor 77; James Callaghan, former Prime Minister 92; Noel Cantwell, Republic of Ireland footballer 73; Jim Capaldi, rock musician 60; Johnny Carson, TV presenter 79; Robin Cook, politician 59; Chris Curtis, rock musician 63; Sandra Dee, actress 62; Fah’d, King of Saudi Arabia 84; Robert Farnon, musician 87; John de Lorean, car manufacturer 80; Gerry Fitt, politician 77; Cyril Fletcher, comedian 91; John Fowles, writer, born in Leigh 79; Gretchen Franklin, actress 94; Frank Gorshin, actor 72; Willis Hall, writer 75; Johnny Haynes, England footballer 71; Edward Heath, former Prime Minister 89; William Hootkins, actor 57; Ursula Howells, actress 83; John Paul II, Pope 84; Kathie Kay, singer 86; David Kossoff, actor 85; Patrick Lichfield, photographer 66; Brian Luckhurst, England cricketer 66; Moura Lympany, pianist 88; Ken Mackintosh, bandleader 86; Fazal Mahmood, Pakistan cricketer 78; Tony Meehan, rock musician 62; Ismail Merchant, film producer 68; Arthur Miller, playwright 89; John Mills, actor 97; Robert Moog, inventor 71; Terence Morgan, actor 83; Mo Mowlam, politician 55; Kerry Packer, businessman 68; Charles Palmer, Leicestershire cricketer 85; Brock Peters, actor 78; Richard Pryor, comedian 65; Prince Rainier, ruler of Monaco 81; John Raitt, actor and singer 88; Alan Randall, entertainer 80; Janet Reger, fashion designer 69; Stan Richards, actor 74; Patsy Rowlands, actress 71; David Sheppard, England cricketer and Bishop of Liverpool 75; Ken Suttle, cricketer 76; Hunter S. Thompson, writer 67; John Timpson, writer and TV presenter 77; Ron Todd, trade union official 78; Tommy Vance, disc jockey 63; Luther Vandross, musician 54; Richard Whiteley, TV presenter 61; Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi hunter 97; Robert Wise, film director 91.

They will all be missed.