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Open Air Art Installation in Leicester

An amazing open air art installation is currently impressing locals and drawing visitors to Leicester City Centre.

Under Scan projects more than a thousand interactive portraits of East Midlands people onto the pavement in Humberstone Gate, near Woolworths and Gap.

Move along the pavement and the portraits, which are constantly changing, spring to life. Passers-by are detected by sensors on the equipment.

The installation was commissioned by the East Midlands Development Agency and the Arts Council, and created by the award winning Mexican-Canadian contemporary artist Rafael Lozano Hemmer. The cost is said to be 1 million.

It was switched on on Thursday evening 12th January. Anne and I were there to watch.

Under Scan is there to be experienced, free of course, each evening from 6.30pm until 12midnight, and until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

It is running until Sunday 22nd January. Do come and see it.