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North East Showcase at Kensington Palace

The organisation promoting tourism in the North East of England held another showcase recently, which I was pleased to attend.

These showcases are organised by Steve Reed, and are designed to show off the best of the North East in other areas.

I went to their previous showcase, which was held at the Tate Liverpool in the excellent rejuvenated Albert Dock. During the day, delegates were able to sample The Beatles Story.

This time, it was in London, and the venue selected was the Orangery in Kensington Gardens.

It is a superb venue, light and airy, and very suitable for the tables on which exhibitors chatted and distributed leaflets etc. It was suitable as well for the excellent refreshments.

I talked to exhibitors from lots of good places, including Durham, Hartlepool and Beamish.

During the afternoon, delegates were treated to a short guided tour of the historic Kensington Palace.