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Norfolk Towns and Steam Railway

I went as a passenger on another Coach Trip recently, to Norfolk.

The trip was operated by Woods Coaches of Leicester, the company from whom I hire coaches for my own excursions.

Although it might seem like a bit of a busman's holiday, the fact is that I enjoy visiting places, and being simply a passenger means that I can relax and not worry about whether everything is going OK.

We stopped on the way at Caithness Crystal on the outskirts of Kings Lynn, where I had a coffee and a scone.

Then it was on to Holt, a very attractive former market town. There was a disastrous fire here in the early 18th century, but one of the results of this is that the rebuilt Holt has a largely Georgian appearance. I had a coffee and teacake at a particularly nice tea shop called The Owl.

The next part of the day was a ride on a steam train. The North Norfolk Railway, often known as the Poppy Line, runs from Holt to Sheringham. Before joining the train, I looked round the interesting museum at the station.

Sheringham is a seaside resort facing North, like its better known neighbour, Cromer. I had a cream tea here, at the Copper Kettle tea shop close to the seafront.

I always have a nice day on these trips, and of course this was no exception, particularly as I was able to breathe in some sea air. Coming from Southend, I still miss the sea!