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Sheringham is a popular seaside resort on the North Norfolk coast, four miles to the West of the better known Cromer. This area has over the years been promoted as "Poppyland".

Originally a fishing village, it developed into its resort role from around the start of the 19th century.

A number of flint built fishermen's cottages have been developed into teashops and gift shops.

The beach is of pebbles, but becomes sandy at low tide.

Sheringham is the terminus of the North Norfolk Railway, sometimes known as "The Poppy Line". Steam trains run from here to Holt.

Across the road, and originally part of the same railway, is the terminus of British Rail's "Bittern Line", who runs to Cromer and on to Norwich.

The 18th century Sheringham Park was landscaped by Humphry Repton.

Upper Sheringham, about a mile inland, is the original settlement.

An inhabitant of Sheringham whose parents and grandparents also lived in the town is known locally as a Shannock.

Places in Sheringham

Pretty Corner Woods, Sheringham Park, Sheringham Station, St. Josephs Church

Places in Sheringham...