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New London Walks Planned

[An image showing New London Walks Planned]As regular readers will be aware, I have a repertoire of Guided Walks which I lead in London.

Most years, I have two Saturdays, in Spring and Autumn, when I lead two different walks in the capital on the same day.

I am at the moment dreaming up the details for some new walks.

My next day in London is on Saturday 24th March. On that day, it's "Churches of London" at 1pm, viewing many of the places of worship that Sir Christopher Wren redesigned after the Great Fire of 1666. Then at 5pm, it's one of my most popular walks, "Jack the Ripper", dealing with the ghastly and ultimately unexplained murders that terrorised London in 1888.

In the Autumn, there are two walks on Saturday 3rd November. Both of them are new. At 1pm, it's "Waterside London", beside the River Thames, and at 5pm another one of the popular ghostly walks, "Haunted Westminster".

New walks that I am at present putting together include "John Wesley's London", around some of the places that were crucial to the life of this amazing 18th century preacher; "Crime and Punishment", dealing with some of the ways in which miscreants were dealt with in less humane times; and "London's Lost Riverside", beside what were once the banks of the River Fleet.