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National Venue Show

I recently went along to the National Venue Show.

This is an annual trade show, held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) at Birmingham.

It is a chance for hotels and hotel chains, in Britain and abroad, as well as universities etc, to show off their best points to potential customers.

As most readers will be aware, I organise a fair number of Coach Trips from Leicester every year. At the moment these are all day excursions, but in the event of my starting to run residential trips I will be needing to find suitable places to stay.

That's what the National Venue Show is all about.

While there, I also popped next door to the National Incentive Show, where companies who make promotional materials (bags, pens, key rings, all that sort of stuff) can promote their wares.

I enjoy going to these shows - they are always good for a bit of chat and networking.