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National Fine Art and Antiques Fair

I went to an enjoyable exhibition recently, entitled the National Fine Art and Antiques Fair.

This is an annual event, and is held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) at Birmingham.

It`s always nice to be able to surround oneself with beautiful things, and in this show there are paintings as well as sculpture, maps, jewellery and lots of other examples of fine art.

I spent some time talking to the chaps on the stand that was dealing with book illustrations, with work by such people as Arthur Rackham, Mabel Lucie Attwell and Mary Tourtel, the creator of Rupert Bear.

A downside to the day was that I stopped off on the way at Coleshill. This is a pleasant little town, and one where I felt sure I would be able to get a coffee and perhaps a scone at a tea shop.

I couldn`t find one.