Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Mystery Weekend in Yorkshire

My wife Anne and I went on a Mystery Weekend by coach with National Holidays recently.

These weekends are cheap, so we should not be surprised if the level of expertise from the driver was not too high.

We left Leicester on the Saturday morning, and travelled Northwards into Yorkshire, making a stop at Woodall Services.

The afternoon was spent at Haworth, the famous home of the Bronte sisters. This is always a pleasant little town to visit, and we enjoyed our time there.

Unfortunately, a group had spent the time drinking, and returned a little late to the coach, intent on loud disruption. We would normally have been on the side of the driver here, but instead of being firm and polite, he escalated the situation by taking part in a slanging match.

We spent the night at the Encore Hotel on the outskirts of Barnsley, where we were perfectly comfortable.

On the Sunday morning, we were taken to York, again always a fine city to visit. Anne and I spent most of our time looking around the city, and attended Matins at York Minster.

We got back to Leicester in the early evening.

The visits to Haworth and York were enjoyable, and the hotel was perfectly acceptable. We have not completely ruled out the possibility of using National Holidays again.