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More From the Amazing Duke Special

Anne, my wife, some friends and I went to Nottingham recently for a performance by the amazing Duke Special.

We had all been hugely impressed by him when watching him perform with his band at the Green Belt Festival at Cheltenham last August, so were very happy to take the opportunity to see him again.

It was at the small venue called the Rescue Rooms, close to Nottingham`s better known Rock City.

Duke Special, real name Peter Wilson, is 39 years old and comes from Lisburn in Northern Ireland. His music, most of which he writes himself, is a quirky mixture of rock, meldrama and thirties novelty songs.

He has a new triple album just released, part of which is homage to the silent film maker Hector Mann.

The support act was sweet-voiced singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Peel.