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Lymington Says "No Thanks" to Argos

The well-heeled town of Lymington in Hampshire made the national news recently.

A couple of days earlier, a coach party from Leicester had visited Lymington, a well-known yachting centre on the Solent, as part of my New Forest Tour.

Argos, the national catalogue store chain, had decided that they would like to open a store in Lymington.

This caused a storm of protest, and a petition was got up in the town, protesting against such a store opening. The justification for this was that the sort of people who use Argos are rather common.

It was further pointed out that there is already a Woolworths in Lymington. I can actually confirm this, as I purchased a bag of crisps there. The sort of people who shop at Argos, went the argument, could do their shopping at Woolworths.

I don't think any comment is necessary.