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Lord Mayor of Leicester`s Trousers

[An image showing Lord Mayor of Leicester`s Trousers]I sat wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the Page Two story in the "Leicester Mercury", "Lord Mayor`s trousers fall down".

God must either be extremely vindictive or have a great sense of humour.

Or possibly both.

This story has certainly raised Licester`s profile internationally, but of course there is much more to the city than that.

One of the oldest towns in Britain, through which the Fosse Way and the Via Devana ran; birthplace of tourism, when Thomas Cook organised his first trip, from Leicester to Loughborough; famous teams in football, cricket and especially rugby (the Tigers); the iconic National Space Centre; Europe`s largest covered market; the largest free-standing Roman remains in Britain of a non-military nature; Walkers crisps; the Great Central (steam) Railway .... the list goes on and on.