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London Walks in November

[An image showing London Walks in November]Those of you who look forward to the Guided Walks in London will be pleased to know that it`s only a few weeks until the next ones.

On Saturday 8th November there will be the customary two walks, so that if you are coming from Leicester, or Southend, or anywhere else outside London, you need only catch the coach or the train once and do the two walks.

The first of these is "Southwark and Bankside", in which we will cross over the Wobbly Bridge (or Millennium Bridge as I am supposed to call it) to the other side of the River Thames.

Here, close to the major tourist areas, we will find a multitude of historic sites, including a cathedral, the reconstructed Shakespeare`s Globe, the site of the prison where Charles Dickens` father spent time, a flourishing market, the remains of the Bishop of Winchester`s Palace and one of today`s major art galleries.

This walk starts outside St. Pauls Cathedral at 1pm.

Then later on it`s "Sweeney Todds London", visiting Fleet Street and the nearby intricate pattern of courtyards and alleyways. Is it true that Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, killed his customers so that his girlfriend could make them into tasty pies? Nobody is quite sure.

This one also starts outside St. Paul`s, this time at 5pm.

Do come along. The walks are always fun.

Oh, and by the way, the cathedral on the other side of the Thames is Southwark Cathedral.