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Important Anniversaries in 2007

2007 has an excellent batch of important anniversaries, and hopefully they will all lead to plenty of celebrations.

Here is a selection.

The cities of Cambridge, Leeds and Liverpool are all celebrating the 800th anniversaries of their charters.

It will be 700 years since Edward I died.

The first successful English colony in America was established 400 years ago, involving Captain Gosnold who had connections with Bury St. Edmunds.

The Act of Union, uniting England and Scotland to form Great Britain, was 300 years ago.

Also 300 years ago William Fortnum and Hugh Mason began their partnership, which continues to this day in Piccadilly in London.

The multi-talented William Blake was born 250 years ago.

Slavery became illegal in the British Empire 200 years ago. Liverpool and Portsmouth have announced big celebrations. William Wilberforce, the prime mover, came from Hull, while the Parliamentary Bill was drafted on the lawn at what is now the Rothley Court Hotel.

Edward Elgar was born 150 years ago at Broadheath in Worcestershire. There are statues of him at both Hereford and Worcester.

The first Victoria Cross investiture was held 150 years ago.

Baden-Powell opened the first Boy Scout camp, on Brownsea Island, 100 years ago.

The Cavern Club in Liverpool opened 50 years ago, and in the same year the Quarrymen, soon to metamorphose into The Beatles, made their first public appearance.

Also 50 years ago, the Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community.

Not a bad selection, is it?