Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Haunted Familiarisation for Group Organisers

There is to be a special familiarisation Haunted Walk in the historic Old Town of Leicester for group organisers – completely free.

The idea is to give group organisers a preview of the sort of walks that I have available for groups to enjoy.

The walk will be “Haunted Leicester”, arguably the most popular of all the Guided Walks which I regularly lead.

All group organisers are invited to attend. It doesn’t matter what sort of group you represent – Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild, Rotary, Round Table, Lions, Probus, U3A, historical society, church, scouts etc etc.

It also doesn’t matter where you come from – I expect most of the interest to come from the Leicester area, but you are welcome to come and sample the walk wherever you are based. I can probably lead a walk for you in your own town.

Of course, it is hoped that you will enjoy it so much that you will want to organise a walk for your own members.

Two people representing each group may take part, but there is naturally a need to book beforehand.

The private “Haunted Leicester” will take place in early Autumn, at a date to advised a little later on.

To make an initial enquiry, and put your name down for this extraordinary event, get in touch with me as soon as possible.