Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Guided Walks in Southend

[An image showing Guided Walks in Southend]I spent a few days recently in Southend, my home town, where I grew up and also worked, managing cinemas.

While I was there, I followed my normal procedure and led a couple of Guided Walks.

"Old Southend", on the Saturday afternoon, is a walk which I have previously led on a number of occasions. It looks at the oldest parts of the town, which grew from a tiny fishing village with Royal patronage to a major seaside resort.

"Boyhood Memories" is a walk which I was leading for the first time. It is a stroll around the districts of Westcliff and Prittlewell where I spent my childhood and teenage years.

In addition to these public walks, I am sometimes available to lead private walks for groups in the Southend area, and to give talks.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested.