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Group See the Humber Stone

One of the interesting and enjoyable things about being a Blue Badge Guide is working with groups from clubs. Especially when they come back for more!

One group that I have led Guided Walks for a number of times is St. Peters Church at Oadby.

I recently took this group on a walk around Old Humberstone. This is one of the places that used to be a proper village, but is now swallowed up by Leicester. The same has happened to Belgrave, Evington, Knighton, Aylestone and Braunstone.

We looked around some of the remaining parts of the old village, and went to see the Humber Stone.

Although it’s right beside a busy road, hardly anybody knows that this substantial stone is there. There are lots of legends about the Humber Stone, sometimes known as the Hell Stone, mainly telling of the awful doom that comes to anybody rash enough to interfere with it.

Everybody went home knowing quite a bit more about Humberstone.