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Group Leisure and Travel Show

I recently paid a visit to the Group Leisure and Travel Show.

This is an annual trade show, designed specifically for group travel organisers, and one of the ones that I make a point of trying to visit each year.

For some years, the venue has been Wembley, but this year the organisers made the brave decision to move it to the centre of England. It was therefore held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) at Birmingham.

The change of venue makes it easy for people to get there from all over the country. For example, it is much easier for London people to travel via Euston to Birmingham than it is for delegates from the Midlands to get out to Wembley.

The only trouble is, there is a tendency for those who live in London to feel that that's the only city that matters, and they resent being asked to go anywhere else.

Nevertheless, the Group Travel and Leisure Show was well attended, and I for one feel that it is a much more sensible venue.

As always, it was great to be able to stroll around the various stalls and chat with people from all over the country, including other group organisers who might want to enlist my services for a Guided Walk or a Coach Trip!

The fact that the Heart of England Tourist Board arranged for regional food to be available was a fine bonus, as were the performances by members of the cast of "Mama Mia".

It was a good day.