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"Grimm Tales" at Buxton

My wife Anne and I, together with our son Kevin and his partner Laura, went to Buxton in Derbyshire recently to see a production of "Grimm Tales".

It starred another of our sons, Robin, with members of the Almost Famous Theatre company from Salford University.

Written by Carol Ann Duffy, "Grimm Tales" is based on some of the stories of the Brothers Grimm, but as a production in a seedy German nightclub in the 1930s. The joke is that all the cast have suddenly been arrested, and the present company have just been roped in.

Robin played the central character of the MC, and in fact had had to learn the part in a remarkably short time. He had been going to play one of the minor roles, but the original MC actor had at the last moment been denied permission to have time off work.

This excellent production took place at the Old Hall Hotel, as part of the Buxton Festival.