Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Familiarisation Visit to Lancaster

I recently spent a couple of days at Lancaster, with a party of group organisers and organised by the local tourism organisation.

We stayed overnight at the Lancaster House Hotel, on the edge of the city and close to the university.

On the first day, we were taken to a selection of eating houses, the shopping centre and St. Georges Quay.

But the undoubted highlight was the performance of "Hansel and Gretel" by the Duke`s Playhouse. This was a magical occasion, taking place at night in the lovely Williamson Park. We moved around the park to see different scenes, and spent the interval in the stunning Ashton Memorial.

On the second day, we visited Atkinson`s for a coffee experience, and also had a tour of Lancaster Castle, including the recently closed prison.

After the official end of the visit, a few of the other participants asked me to take them on a short tour, which I was pleased to do.

I thoroughly enjoyed this couple of days. I already knew Lancaster pretty well, but I know it even better now!