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Excellent Talk by Roy Cavanagh

I went to a meeting of the Leicestershire Cricket Society recently.

The society meets once a month in the close season, at Grace Road, the Leicestershire county cricket ground, and at each meeting there is a guest speaker.

This time, the talk was by Roy Cavanagh, a Lancashire man who has written a number of books, some about cricket and some about football.

Until we were put right, I would have fallen into the same trap as everybody else and called him "Roy CAVanagh". He is very insistent, though, that his name is "Roy CaVAN agh".

The talk was most enjoyable. He is a very interesting man and a very witty one.

Before the talk started, we were treated to a few minutes by David Smith, the cricket club's new Chief Executive. David was for a good number of years a batsman with Warwickshire.

We also had a few minutes from captain and England wicket keeper Paul Nixon, who received an award from the society.

It was another excellent evening.