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Excellent Festival at St. Albans

My wife Anne and I went to the historic city of St. Albans recently for the St. Albans Festival Pilgrimage.

We went with a party of Leicester churchgoers from Christ the King at Beaumont Leys and the Parish of the Resurrection at Belgrave.

It is an annual festival, celebrating Britain`s first Christian martyr, who was beheaded on the hill overlooking the Roman town of Verulamium, at the spot now occupied by St. Albans Abbey.

There is a most enjoyable and colourful procession leading past the River Ver and by the Roman ruins, finishing at the abbey.

This is followed by two services in the abbey itself. Anne attended both of them, and I attended the second, having spent some time walking round the city.

We also joined a party being shown external aspects of the abbey, and had coffee and a bite at the abbey`s excellent refectory.

I am including the festival in next year`s programme of Coach Trips. You can find details on the website under "Upcoming Events", under the heading "St. Albans Festival".