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Excellent Familiarisation Visit to Salisbury

Anne and I were invited recently to a familiarisation visit to Salisbury. We were both available, so took up the offer, and it turned out to be a superb visit.

Arriving on the Thursday morning, we walked from the station into the city centre, to the wonderful Red Lion Hotel, which dates partly from the 13th century, where those taking part were to assemble.

The party were spread around various hotels, and we were lucky enough to stay overnight in the Red Lion itself.

After a few introductions, we walked to the Mediaeval Hall, hidden away behind other buildings in the Cathedral Close, for a presentation from its owner.

The Milford Hall Hotel was the next stop. Here we had a very good buffet lunch and a show round the hotel.

Eating of a different sort took place at Truly Scrumptious, where fudge is made and sold on the premises. A certain amount of sampling ensued. Truly scrumptious indeed.

From there we went to the wonderful Salisbury Cathedral, and were brave enough to climb the many stairs in the spiral staircase to the top of the tower, that is the bottom of the world famous spire. Climbing up and down steps like that always frightens me, to be honest. However, I`m also very bloody-minded, so I did it, and was treated to superb views across the city. I certainly needed the coffee afterwards!

Then it was back to the Red Lion for a show round.

In the evening, we went to the Grasmere House Hotel on the outskirts of the city, for a very good dinner, preceded by a show round.

Breakfast at the Red Lion was excellent, as was the room, the staff attitudes and helpfulness, and the general ambience of this wonderful old building. Thoroughly recommended without any hesitation.

After breakfast, we had a brief Guided Walk with local Blue Badge Guides Judi Cross and Rowena Ingram, from the huge Market Place to Salisbury Station.

There we picked up the tour bus, which took us to Stonehenge, which we visited, with the guides interpreting the stones for us.

We then went to Salisbury Racecourse at Wilton, where over coffee and biscuits the Clerk of the Course gave us an insight into the running of a racecourse.

Then it was back into the city centre for lunch at the Cathedral Hotel, before everybody went back home.

It was a superb visit, and we are very glad that we were able to take part. If I didn`t already know that Salisbury is a fine city, this would have convinced me. Thanks, Salisbury.