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Market Place (Salisbury)

The Market Place in the beautiful cathedral city of Salisbury in Wiltshire is a particularly large one.

A twice weekly market has been held here since 1361.

Debenham's store contains a timbered hall. It was here that Richard III sentenced the Duke of Buckingham to death. He was executed straight away in the Market Place.

Two old inns remain, from the many that formerly lined the Market Place, to cater for pilgrims visiting the shrine of St. Osmund at Salisbury Cathedral.

The Market Place was once even larger, but there has been considerable infilling. Butcher Row, Fish Row, Oatmeal Row and Ox Row give an idea of commodities sold there.

Just off the Market Place is the elaborate Poultry Cross, of a similar type to those at Chichester and Malmesbury.

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