Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Evington Walk for the Echo

I led a Guided walk around Evington during the Summer.

This was a version of my "Old Evington" walk, and was organised for the Evington Echo, a splendid community newspaper which circulates in this leafy suburb of Leicester.

I had previously given talks for the Echo on the history of both the City of Leicester and the old village of Evington from the earliest times.

Those taking part in the walk were able to see some of the surviving buildings and streets from the village days.

Among these were Evington Park, with its fine views across the city to Charnwood Forest; Evington Chapel, originally built for the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion; St. Denys Church Evington, in whose churchyard is buried Cyril Bardsley, the first modern Bishop of Leicester; Piggy's Hollow, a moated manorial site; and the Arboretum, where the monks of Leicester Abbey had dammed the stream to create a lake, evidence of which can still be seen.

Most of those who live in Evington came away with a much better idea of its heritage.