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Enjoyable Visit to Lacock

I went as a passenger on another of Woods Coaches trips recently, this time to Lacock.

People often express surprise that I should be going on another company`s trips, as I run plenty of my own, but the fact is that I enjoy doing so, and of course can relax knowing that I am not in charge of anything!

Woods Coaches of Leicester are the company from whom I hire coaches, so I am aware that they are a very good company with excellent vehicles and excellent drivers.

On the day in question, we left St. Margarets Bus Station and made our way down the M5, stopping at Strensham Services, where I was able to fortify myself with a hearty beakfast.

Then it was on to Lacock. The first thing I did was to find a tea shop, always important at times like this. During the day, I sampled two such places for coffee and a tea cake or scone. Of these, I can thoroughly recommend King John`s Hunting Lodge.

I also visited the interesting Lacock, built of the same stone that characterises this area of Wiltshire.

The highlight of Lacock, lovely village though it is, is of course Lacock Abbey. It is owned by the National Trust, as indeed is most of the village. I had a most enjoyable and interesting time there, looking around the house, the Abbey from which it was converted, and the museum devoted to the life and works of William Henry Fox Talbot, the photography pioneer.

In the garden there was an exhibition of photographs, appropriately enough Garden Photographer of the Year, together with Young Garden Photographer of the Year. I lingered there for a pretty long time, admiring the talent involved in these smashing photographs.

I also loved the notice beside a tree that read "I am an old tree. Please enjoy me from a safe distance".

On the way back from Lacock, we stopped at Cherwell Valley Services.

I always enjoy these excursions, but I think I probably enjoyed this one even more than most.