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Enjoyable Trip to Beverley

I went on a Coach Trip run by Woods Coaches recently, to the splendid market town of Beverley in Yorkshire.

In view of the fact that I run my own excursions to all over the country, people often express surprise that I sometimes go on other people`s trips.

The fact is that I like visiting nice places, and going on a trip which someone else has organised means that I can relax and enjoy the experience, without being responsible for anything!

I got on the coach at St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester, and we travelled Northwards until we reached Tibshelf Services, where I stoked up on a good breakfast.

When we arrived at Beverley, we had time for a bit of a stroll around, and I had a look at the Market Place and the highly impressive St. Mary`s Church, which in any other town would be regarded as outstanding.

The trip included lunch at the Beverley Arms Hotel, after which some of us went to the very pleasant Poppy Seed tea shop for coffee.

We were then taken on a Guided Walk around Beverley by the local guide Paul Schofield, who showed us plenty of interesting aspects of the town.

Paul finished off outside Beverley Minster. It was some years since I had been there, and I marvelled all over again at its magnificence.

Once I had had more coffee, this time at the Tea Cosy tea shop, which Paul had recommended, I went and had a chat with the ladies at the Tourist Information Centre.

On the way home, we stopped at Tibshelf Services again.

It was a very good day. I like Beverley very much.