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Beverley is an excellent market town in Yorkshire, 8 miles from Hull, and was formerly the capital of the East Riding.

It could fairly be described as one of the outstanding towns of England, and John Betjeman described it as "a place for walking in and living in".

William the Conqueror spared Beverley while engaged on the savage Harrying of the North.

The magnificent Beverley Minster is on the site of a retreat established about 700 by John, Bishop of York, later canonised as St. John of Beverley. The minster which stands today was begun about 1220. It has two towers, and is widely regarded as one of the finest churches in Europe.

The cruciform St. Mary`s Church, at the other end of the town, dates from about 1300.

Between the two are the Saturday Market Place and the Wednesday Market Place. In the larger of these (Saturday), the ornate Market Cross was completed in 1714.

The North Bar dates from the 14th century, and is the only survivor of five gateways into the town.

There is a17th century Guildhall.

Beverley Racecourse is a little way out of the town.

In Walter Scott`s "Marmion", Constance of Beverley is walled up alive.

Among those born in Beverley are Ken Annakin, film director; and St. John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester and martyr.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Beverley for groups.

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Beverley Minster, Beverley Station, North Bar, St. Mary`s Church

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